“Core values are the roots. You don’t prune your roots. You prune branches and leaves. Once you have the core values, they stick and grow.” – Alex Mandossian

Your Core Values are the foundational elements of your life. They are integrated, constant and passionate. A core belief (primary) is a conviction or opinion you hold true, it drives behavior or actions on a daily basis.


We conduct ourselves and our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with team members, guests, vendors and the community.


We choose to be mentally engaged and empower those around us. Share our knowledge and attempt to make those around us better by giving respect, responsibility and offering tools to create and innovate for themselves.


We value creativity and innovation at every level and strive to continually maintain ethical, forward thinking solutions within our restaurants. We identify, develop and deploy programs and processes that align with our goals.


Creativity is part of the foundation of our kitchens. We value the ideas and suggestions of our team members and the industry that make us a better, more balanced company. We are always focused on incorporating excitement and value into our experiences and interactions with guests and the community.


We maintain the belief to always choose words and actions that are free of deceit when interacting with team members, guests, vendors and the community, leaving every interaction with the feeling of sincerity and truth.


We forge relationships with our guests and with each other that go beyond the merely commercial. We’re personable, easy to work with and happy to be providing something that people love. Through our actions with team members, guests, vendors and the community, we have a commitment to treat every encounter as if they were a friend.


We are disciplined and maintain purpose in our day. We are focused on guest experiences delivered with high energy, teamwork and skill. Our actions reflect efforts that better ourselves, the guest experience and the restaurant.


Our restaurant centers on generous exchange, between guests, our team members and local non-profits. We are committed to providing services that make people happy and acting in a way that puts others needs and wants before our own. We’ve created valuable partnerships with the local charities that are continually in the forefront of our business as we determine new ways to help provide for their needs.


We value the perception and impact our restaurants have on the community and we believe in promoting a positive image by engaging with the community and leaving guests with a positive experience.


Our daily commitment to ourselves and our guests is to pay attention to the smallest of detail.  It is in the details that are not seen and often missed you truly find the commitment to excellence.