Las Vegas's Top Power Tables

As the world's leading meetings and conference destination, Las Vegas is rich in restaurants that offer all the elements for concluding successful business deals: superb food, impeccable service and an atmosphere that facilitates productive conversation. These are some of the city’s top power tables.


With a top-of-the-world location on the 56th floor of the Palms Casino Resort, Alizé features panoramic views of the Strip, 16-foot ceilings, a quietly elegant atmosphere, a superb French-accented cuisine and, says Manager Stavros Georgiou, an extraordinary focus on service.

“Our meal service is synchronized to anticipate our guests’ needs before they request them,” he said. “We have an award-winning wine cellar that is the best, bar none.” (The “wine cellar” is a two-story tower that houses more than 1,700 selections, with some 7,500 bottles in inventory.) “We also have one of the best collections of Cognacs, Armagnacs and ports, including a bottle of Hardy 1777 Cognac, one of only three bottles in existence.”

But at a restaurant like Alizé, especially one that has been named one of the best in North America, the food is, of course, the star. The restaurant was created by the city’s first celebrity chef, André Rochat, in collaboration with Chef de Cuisine Mark Purdy. Classically French dishes such as sauteed foie gras and the crowd-pleasing Grand Marnier souffle are among the menu standouts.

For a virtually custom-designed power meal, the tasting menu includes seven courses, with three choices per course — and wine pairings by the sommelier.

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